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Contest Registration and Instructions




Registration Fee

*Please register only the teams that will take part in the contest.
Registration fees are not refundable.*


The first step in the registration process is payment of the?$75 registration fee per team. We accept payment via Mastercard or Visa, and payment must be made via our secure web site. We regret that we are not able to accept other forms of payment.

注册过程的第一步是支付每个队75美元的注册费。我们仅仅通过Mastercard或者 Visa收取注册费,费用的收取必须通过我们的安全网络进行。非常遗憾,我们不能接受其他的支付方式。

To participate in HiMCM a team must be sponsored by a faculty advisor from that school. The registration process?must?be completed by the advisor.


There are several procedures that a team's advisor must go through at various times before, during, and after the contest. Please read these instructions carefully and be sure to complete all the steps involved. It is the advisor's responsibility to make sure that teams are correctly registered and that all steps required for participation in HiMCM are completed.


Note that COMAP is in the USA Eastern time zone: all times given in these instructions are in terms of Eastern Standard Time (EST) except where local time is noted.


NEW for 2016 HiMCM is now an all electronic submission!
You are no longer required to mail a print copy of your Solution Paper.?
You are no longer required to mail a print copy of your?Contest Forms.




Contest Rules


1.???? A team may consist of up to four secondary or below students?enrolled in the same school.


2.???? You must obtain and use your control number and password to participate in the?19th annual HiMCM.?Advisors must log on to the specified web site at the beginning of their thirty-six hour contest period (not before?3:01?p.m. on Friday,?November?4, 2016) to receive the contest problems.


3.???? Teams must then choose to work on either the A or B problem.


4.???? The contest runs between?3:01?p.m. EST Friday,?November 4th?and 8:00 p.m. EST on Monday, November?21, 2016.


5.???? Each team will decide on a consecutive 36-hour period between?November 4?- November?21?to work on the contest. For example, the contest for your team could be from 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, November?8?until 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November?9. Your teams' contest ends upon completion of the 36-hour period.


6.???? Faculty advisors must ensure that no alterations of any form are made after the end of your 36-hour period or after 8:00 p.m. EST Monday November?21, 2016. Papers must be collected from students at this time?to be?email?to COMAP for judging.


7.???? All?contest forms?must be printed, signed, emailed and received at COMAP no later than 5:00 p.m. EST?Friday, December 2, 2016


8.???? A signed?Parental/Guardian Authorization?form must be included for each participating student. Schools should email the signed forms to COMAP, and retain a copy of each for their records.


9.???? All accommodations relative to learning conditions for individual students would follow the accommodations used as part of the local school program in an affected student's daily learning. If specialized staff is required, the school bears the responsibility for providing any specialized assistance as required by law. If such accommodations are required for a student participating, the school should detail them and the extent to which they were utilized as part of the HiMCM activities.


Before the contest registration deadline of 2:00 p.m. (EST) on Friday,?November?4, 2016:


Register Your Team(s) Online:

The registration process will take you through a series of screens that ask you for your email address and contact information. Enter the required information as you step through the screens.


Important:?Be sure to use a valid current email address so that we can use it to contact you at any point before, during, or after the contest, if necessary.


1.???? All teams must be registered before 2:00 p.m. (EST) Friday,?November?4, 2016.

At that time the registration system will stop accepting new team registrations. To guard against the possibility of interruptions in Internet service we recommend that all teams compete the registration process well in advance of the deadline. COMAP will not accept any late registrations under any circumstances. No exceptions will be made.


2.???? Registration is via the contest web site. No other forms of registration will be accepted.

To register a team, click the?Registration?link on the left side of this page. If you have already registered a team for this year's contest and want to register additional teams,?email us at?himcm@comap.com.

After each team is registered, you will receive an email confirmation. You must follow the link in the email to complete the registration process for each team.


Advisors may register any number of teams, but must use the same email address and password for all teams.


3.???? You may specify the team members at the time of registration, or as you enter your Control Sheet information at the end of the contest. Team members may be changed up until the beginning of the contest period. Once the contest problems are read, team members cannot be changed.?The spelling of all names and institutions is the responsibility of the?advisor. This is exactly as they will appear on certificates. COMAP will not reprint certificates.


4.???? Once you have completed the registration, you will receive a?Team Control Number.


5.???? The screen giving your team control number is the only confirmation that you will receive indicating that you have successfully registered that team.


6.???? In order to participate in the contest, you will need to return to the contest website to confirm information about your team, and to print out the Control Sheet and Parental/Guardian Authorization Form that you will need to print?and email to COMAP.


7.???? If at any point before or during the contest you need to change any of the information that you specified when you registered, you may do so by logging in to the contest website with the email address and password that you specified when registering. Once logged in click the Register/Update button and proceed.


8.???? Return to the contest website regularly to check for any updated instructions or announcements regarding the contest. Except in extreme circumstances, COMAP will not send any confirmation, reminders, or announcements by email. All communication regarding the contest will be via the contest website.


Preparing a Team


1.???? Go to the HiMCM web site and review the rules, guidelines and prior years' problems to prepare your students.

HiMCM 网站查询比赛规则, 指南和往年的赛题, 帮助你的学生准备比赛。

2.???? Ensure that students have access to computers that enable them to word process, use a spreadsheet, and dynamically model both graphs and geometric relationships. In addition, students should have access to graphing calculators.


3.???? It is both legitimate and desirable to coach or otherwise prepare your team(s). Visit?www.mathmodels.org?to view previous years' problems and solutions.


4.???? All parents of students participating in the contest must sign a?Parental/Guardian Authorization Form?making their child's work available (with confidentiality assurance) for use in example and training materials for HiMCM professional development activities. Additionally, should their team be designated as an Outstanding winner, the student's Solution Paper (or solution abstract) will be published in COMAP's Consortium newsletter, among other places. THIS AUTHORIZATION FORM MUST BEDOWNLOADED FROM THE INTERNET?AND SENT HOME WITH EACH STUDENT BEFORE THE CONTEST PERIOD. SIGNED AUTHORIZATION FORMS FOR EACH STUDENT MUST BE EMAILED AND INCLUDED WITH SOLUTION?FOMRS FOR CONSIDERATION BY THE JUDGES.

所有参加比赛的学生的家长必须签署家长/监护人的授权书,确保他们孩子的工作成果可以做为 HiMCM 的一些活动的实例或者培训材料使用。此外,获得特等奖的参赛队的论文(或者摘要)将会在 COMAP 公司的通讯或其他地方出版。这个授权书必须被每个学生从互联网上下载,并带回家。签过字的授权书需要包含在解决方案的文件里面。

Preparing a Solution Paper


1.???? The contest problems will become available at 3:01 pm EST on Friday,?November?4, 2016. When teams are ready to compete the team advisor must?login?to view the problems. Once logged in look for the?*VIEW PROBLEMS*?link which will become active at 3:01 pm EST on Friday, November?4, 2016. Once you login and view the problems we recommend that you print out a copy for your students.

比赛赛题将在美国东部时间 2016 11 4 日星期五下午 3 01 分发布。当参赛队准备好以后,指导教师可以登录网站获取赛题。美国东部时间2016 11 4 日星期五下午 301 分,登录后的*VIEW PROBLEMS*链接将会被激活。一旦指导教师登录获取到赛题,请给你的学生打印一份。

2.???? The contest consists of a choice of two problems A or B.

比赛可以从 AB 两个题目中任选其一作答。

3.???? Teams may use any inanimate source of data, materials, computers, software, references, websites, books, etc. Be sure to credit all sources used.


4.???? Teams may not use any person (other than team members) to discuss or obtain ideas for solving their problem?nor may they seek help in obtaining an answer from the teams' advisor or anyone else. Any team that discusses the problem with anyone in a position to supply them with information reflecting experience or professional expertise will be disqualified. The relevant issue is one of intent: each team of students is expected to develop all of its substantive analysis without the help of others.

参赛队员不能与任何人(除了本队队员以外)讨论或者获取解题思路。也不能从本队的指导教师或者其他人那里寻求解决问题的帮助。 任何队被发现与其他人讨论了赛题或者给其他人提供有价值的信息的, 都将被取消比赛资格。相关的要求来自与这样一个目的:每一个队的学生都应该在没有其他人帮助的情况下来完善自己对于问题的分析。

5.???? Partial solutions are acceptable. There is no passing or failing cutoff score, nor will numerical scores be assigned. The HiMCM judges are primarily interested in a teams' approach and methods.

部分解决方案是可以被接受的。没有通过和不通过的分数线,也不会提供数字形式的分数,HiMCM 的评委会对某些队伍的解题步骤和方法更感兴趣而已。

6.???? Papers must be typed and in English.


7.???? The solution must consist entirely of written text and possibly figures, charts, or other written material, on paper only. No non paper support such as computer disks will be accepted.


8.???? Each page of the solution must contain the team control number and the page number at the top of the page;we suggest using a page header on each page for example:?Team # 321 page 6 of 13.

论文的每一页顶部必须加入队伍的控制编号和页码。 我们建议在每页的顶部加入一个页眉。形式例如: Team # 321 page 6 of 13

9.???? The names of the students, advisor, or institution must not appear on any page of the solution. The solution must not contain any identifying information other than the team Control Number.


10.? Any preparation rule not followed is grounds for disqualification.


11.? Teams should keep in mind the following guidelines while preparing their solution papers:


  • Conciseness and organization are extremely important. Key statements ? ? ?should present major ideas and results.

  • 论文简洁、 有组织是非常重要。 核心的陈述应该提出主要的思路和结果。

  • Present a clarification or restatement of the problem as appropriate.

  • 给出一个比较合适的问题的概括或重述。

  • Present a clear exposition of all variables, assumptions, and ? ? ?hypotheses.

  • 对所有的变量、假设、假说给出一个清晰的阐述。

  • Present an analysis of the problem, motivating or justifying the ? ? ?modeling to be used.

  • 给出问题的分析、模型的构建和证明。

  • Include a design of the model. Discuss how the model could be tested.

  • 应该包括模型的设计。并且讨论如何进行模型测试。

  • Discuss any apparent strengths or weaknesses to your model or ? ? ?approach.

  • 论述你的模型和方法的优缺点

  • Incorporate lengthy derivations, computations, or illustrative ? ? ?examples in appendices. Summarize these in the main report. Results must ? ? ?be explicitly stated in the body of the report.?

  • 将冗长的推导、计算或者实例放在附录当中,把对于它们的总结性文字放在主报告中。结论必须在报告的主体部分明确给出。

During the contest the advisor should:


1.???? Login to the contest website and enter your email address and password.

通过输入你的 Email 地址和密码登录竞赛网站。

2.???? Enter the team members names and confirm that they are spelled correctly.


3.???? Specify the problem that each team has chosen to solve.


4.???? Print one copy of the Control Sheet.


5.???? Be sure?to download the?Parental/Guardian Authorization?form.


Preparing and Submitting a Solution Paper


1.???? The Summary Sheet

Type a summary of the teams solution on the Summary Sheet?which should be included as the first page of your electronic Solution Paper.
The summary is a very important part of your HiMCM paper. The judges place considerable weight on the summary, and winning papers are sometimes distinguished from other papers based on the quality of the summary. To write a good summary, imagine that a reader may choose whether to read the body of the paper based on your summary. Thus, a summary should clearly describe your approach to the problem and, most prominently, what your most important conclusions were. The summary should inspire a reader to learn the details of your work. Your concise presentation of the summary should inspire a reader to learn the details of your work. Summaries that are mere restatements of the contest problem, or are a cut-and-paste boilerplate from the Introduction are generally considered to be weak.

将参赛队的论文摘要打印在摘要页上,并制作一份拷贝。摘要是你的HiMCM 论文中非常重要的部分,评审中它占有很大的权重。有的时候,获奖论文区别于其它论文的关键就在于摘要的质量。要写好摘要部分,设想读者要通过摘要决定是否要阅读论文的其他部分。因此,一个摘要应该清楚的描述你解决问题的方法,最重要的是,你的主要结论。摘要应该能够激发读者来了解你的工作细节。 简明扼要的摘要能够激发读者了解你的工作的细节。摘要不要只是简单的重述比赛问题,不要简单地剪切粘贴你的前言的模版,这种摘要不会得到高的评价。

2.???? Teams must end all work on the Solution Paper at the end of the team's consecutive 36-hour period, or by 8:00 p.m. EST on Monday November?21, 2016.

参赛队必须在一个连续的 36 小时的周期内或者美国东部时间 2016 1121日星期一下午 8 时截止时间内完成比赛论文。

3.???? Send electronic copy of Solution Paper by email:


3-1. Each team is required to submit an electronic copy of its solution paper by email tosolutions@comap.com. Any team member or the advisor may submit this email.

每个参赛队都需要发送一个参赛论文的电子版到 solutions@comap.com。任何参赛队员或者指导教师都可以发送这个邮件。

a.???? Your email MUST be received at COMAP on or before the email submission deadline of 9PM EST on?November?21, 2016.

你的Email 必须在美国东部时间 2016 11 21 日下午9时之前发送到 COMAP

b.???? Failure by a team to submit a solution via email by 9PM EST on November?21, 2016 constitutes a violation of the contest rules and will result in that team's disqualification.

在美国东部时间 2016 11 21 日下午 9点之前没有将论文发送到 COMAP 的参赛队将被认定为违反比赛规则,将被取消比赛成绩。

3-2. In the subject line of your email write: COMAP and your team's control number. For example:?COMAP 2222

Email 邮件的主题栏需要填写:COMAP 和你们参赛队的控制号 例如:主题:COMAP 2222

3-3. Use your team's control number as the name of your file attachment.


3-4. COMAP will accept only an Adobe?PDF?or?Microsoft Word?file of your solution.?DO NOT?include programs or software with your email as they will not be used in the judging process. Limit one solution per email. The names of the students, advisor, or institution should NOT appear on any page of the electronic solution.?Page 1 of the teams electronic solution should be the team summary.?*Note: The attachment must be less than 17MB. Do not use a cloud service such as Google Docs

COMAP 只接收 PDF 格式和 word 格式的解决方案。 Email 中不用发送程序或者软件, 这些在评审中不会用到。 每个 Email 邮件限制发送一个解决方案。学生、指导教师或者学校的名字不能出现在电子版论文的任何一页上。电子版论文的第一页应该是参赛队的摘要页。注:附件不能超过 17MB。不要使用云服务,例如谷歌云服务,你的邮件里必须包含PDF或者word附件。

4.???? Have each student sign the Control Sheet, pledging that they have abided by the contest rules and instructions.


To Summarize:


a.?Restatement Clarification of the Problem - state in your own words what you are going to do. Assumptions with Rationale/Justification - emphasize those assumptions that bear on the problem. List clearly all variables used in your model.

Model Design and justification for type model used/developed.

Model Testing and Sensitivity Analysis, including error analysis, etc.

Discuss strengths and weakness to your model or approach.

Provide algorithms in words, figures, or flow charts (as a step by step algorithmic approach) for all computer codes developed.


b. Send electronic copy of Solution Paper by email: See #3 above for more details.?
(Note you are no longer required to mail a print copy of your Solution Paper.)?


c.?Make?one?copy?of the teams?Control Sheet.


c.???? Collect?the signed?Parental/Guardian Authorization?forms


5.???? Send signed contest forms by email to COMAP:

After the signed?contest forms?are?prepared, email?them?to:?forms@comap.com. In the subject line of your email write: COMAP and your team's control number. For example:?COMAP 2222. COMAP will accept only an Adobe PDF or a Photo Image of your contest forms. Limit one set of forms per email. Teams may take pictures of the signed forms with a phone or digital camera and then email the images to?forms@comap.com. *Note: The attachment must be less than 17MB.
(Note you are no longer required to mail a print copy of your?Contest Forms.)?

在准备好签字后的形式之后,用email将他们发送到forms@comap.com.邮件主题为:COMAP和你队伍的控制号。例如COMAP 2222COMAP只接受PDF或者图片格式的你队伍的竞赛形式。每个邮箱地址只能发送一次,队伍可以用手机或者相机拍签字表。然后将他们发送到?forms@comap.com主意:附件必须不能超过17M(你不在需要邮寄一份打印的竞赛签字表)
The?contest forms must be received by COMAP no later than 5:00 pm EST on?Friday,?December?2, 2016. COMAP is not responsible for contest forms received after that date.


HiMCM Results and Recognition

HiMCM 的结果和奖励

1.???? Judging will be completed in January, 2017. The solutions will be recognized as Successful Participant, Honorable Mention, Meritorious, Finalist, National Finalist, or Outstanding. Advisors and teams will be notified of the results in February, 2017?and they will be posted on the high school contest website. News releases will be prepared for local and national dissemination and there will be announcements in professional publications

评审将在 2017 1 月完成。论文将被评定为成功参赛奖、荣誉奖、优秀奖、入围奖、国家级入围奖或者杰出奖。指导教师和队员将会在 2017 2月得到比赛结果。结果将在竞赛网站上公布。新闻将在地区和国家类的媒体中出现,在一些专业性刊物上也会出现声明。.

2.???? Every team that submits a properly outlined Solution Paper will be awarded a certificate of participation. All international teams will receive ONLY an electronic (PDF) certificate. US teams should allow several weeks after the results are posted to the contest web site to receive your print certificate.?Click here to download?HiMCM?certificates.

每个正确提交解决方案论文的参赛队都将获得证书。所有的国际参赛队将只能得到一份电子版证书,美国的参赛队在结果公布几周后会收到纸质证书。HiMCM 证书的下载可以点击这个链接

3.???? All USA teams that successfully compete in the HiMCM contest and are awarded a designation of Meritorious or above (Meritorious, Finalist, National Finalist, or Outstanding) will be invited to compete in The International Mathematical Modeling Challenge, IM2C which will take place March, 2017?through April, 2017.?For more information about the International Mathematical Modeling Challenge click here.


4.???? Outstanding teams will?have?their Solution P将会apers (or their solution abstracts) published in COMAP's Consortium newsletter among other places. Recognition information will also be sent to local newspapers and radio/television outlets.


杰出奖的论文将会刊登在 COMAP公司和其他机构的通讯上。确认信息将会发布在本地的报纸、广播和电视上。



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